A quick visit to Port Moresby by Kel Turner!!!

Kel Turner travelled to Port Moresby in July to inspect and meet with Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) staff to ensure that facilities and equipment meet standards for workplace assessments for our current group of eight students, to complete their Certificate IV Aeroskills qualification in their final year of study.  Kel was able to see open and clearly the training requirements for the future of the Air Wing Engineering staff.  Several meetings were held over the days he was there and encompassed meeting the following personnel:

  • Lt Colonel Chester Berobero
  • Major Alex Patrick
  • CO ATW LT Colonel Matlock
  • Major Edward Miro
  • Senior Engineering Officer CWD Amos
  • ASM WO Kila Vaina
  • Director Air Operation Colonel Ron Hosea

All were keen to know about the progress of the current students studying in Tamworth and Kel was able to report nothing short of excellent, and that they were perfect ambassadors for their country!

Kel also had the opportunity to attend the Remembrance Day Service with Lt Colonel Berobero and his family. This is a memorial day observed to honor PNG soldiers and officers who lost their lives during World War I, World War II and other military engagements within Papua New Guinea and abroad.

Kel’s adoptive brother, Bosco Bothoa escorted him around the civil aviation operators where he promoted AviSkills services.  His final evening was spent with Chester and his family with a farewell barbecue and moo moo (food cooked on hot stones).  Kel marks this a truly memorial occasion with true PNG hospitality.  All senior staff and Chester’s family were present.

The hospitality of LT Colonel Chester Berobero and his staff was second to none!!

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