Peter Jones retires

Peter Jones officially retired on 5 February 2018.   Peter will be missed after 15 years of service, and was one of the original Instructor/Trainers when AviSkills commenced (known as Australasian Pacific Aeronautical College or APAC at that time).  Peter joined AviSkills in 2002, after working with East West Airlines and Ansett, and was very committed to his work and to aviation industry training.

Peter’s guidance and encouragement to so many students helped them thrive in a very competitive environment.  Peter had a practical approach to teaching and built excellent rapport with his students.  He put in countless additional hours unpaid and his dedication to AviSkills is one of the reasons we have the good reputation we have.

We wish him well in his retirement and hope that the next phase of his life gives him the chance to do much more.  We look forward to catching up with him on his days off!!

Peter Jones at AviSkills

Peter instructing BAE student in 2014

Peter instructing BAE student in 2014


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