An explanation of some commonly asked questions, please feel free to contact us if your questions is not covered here.

What fees are payable?
Please check the Smart and Skilled website for fee information HERE.
Is accommodation available in Tamworth near AviSkills?
With the Aviation courses, do I need an apprenticeship with an employer?
No, but we recommend you do. ‘Straight Through’ training can be provided, however you will need to completed Work Evidence with an Employer to complete the full qualification.
What about gaining credit for past courses or my professional experience?
You may be eligible to have your prior qualifications, experience, skills and knowledge recognised through Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) assessment in order to gain credits.
Why should I send my apprentice to Aviskills?
Aviskills offer quality accredited training programs ensuring that students acquire relevant industry knowledge, occupational and workplace skills while also giving students the confidence to perform their job competently. There are flexible training options available; block release attendance, mixed mode delivery of on and off the job training, and/or distance delivery education. Programs can be tailored to meet specific needs with flexible training solutions. Theory and work practice is integrated to meet with national standards. Education encourages employee to be engaged in the business and improves work outcomes and employee retention.
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