About the Academy

Located at Tamworth Airport, our airside multimillion dollar facilities include large practical workspaces with operational (non-flying) aircraft (gas turbine and reciprocating engines).  We are a CASA-approved (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) aircraft maintenance engineering training centre and have facilities and equipment that includes:

  • Six (6) theory classrooms
  • 2500 square metres providing access to workshops, laboratories and training rooms
  • Operational non flying aircraft including Two (2) gas turbine Jetstream J31 aircraft, One (1) Piper Twin Comanche aircraft, One (1) Piper Seneca aircraft, One (1) Cessna 150 aircraft, One (1) Furio all composite aircraft, and One (1) Kawasaki 47 rotary wing aircraft
  • State-of-the-art technology and computer facilities
  • Hands-on real life experiences in an industry setting
  • Aircraft handling, maintenance, installation, repairs and overhaul of engines
  • Taxiing of aircraft and movement on taxi-way
  • Aircraft structural, electrical, communication, radar and pneumatic systems
  • Engine running and problem shooting
  • Removal and installation of aircraft systems
  • Refuelling operations
  • Advanced composite manufacture and repairs
  • Accommodation can be arranged for students

AviSkills provides access to a range of resources which enhance the scope and quality of training programs for regional airlines, national airlines, international customers and other stakeholders, including individual students, aerial agricultural services and aircraft maintenance repair organisations. View the Gallery

Why Study with Us?

We want to help people to achieve goals in their working life by setting them on the path towards employment or giving them skills so that they can move along a career path or take up different employment challenges. We help people and industry learn. Our focus is on customer service, keeping in mind that lifelong learning is one of the keys to personal growth. Our staff are all skilled professionals who have excellent technical skills and who have been given extensive training in modern learning and assessment techniques. AviSkills is committed to providing training which:

  • Improves work outcomes
  • Can be tailored to meet specific needs
  • Integrates theory with work practice
  • Meets national and international standards
  • Builds on existing knowledge and skills and provides pathways to further learning.

AviSkills students can utilise the excellent, reasonably priced serviced accommodation provided by BAE (British Aerospace) facility which is directly adjacent to AviSkills. There is a very good selection of boarding accommodation also available in Tamworth. Otherwise, the New England and Northwest region is one of the most affordable areas in Australia to live in. Accommodation costs are lower than in major cities. The cost of transport, food and entertainment is also very reasonable.

Located at Tamworth Airport, NSW, Australia |