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AviSkills is a training education centre based at Tamworth Airport, NSW Australia – specialising in Aviation Maintenance and Engineering training.


AviSkills, through its integrated facility, provides CASA 147 Approved Training and specialised training solutions to now, near 200 apprentices a year and 40 employing companies and businesses including some of Australia’s largest civilian and defence organisations and a wide range of general aviation aircraft and service businesses.

Why Train With Aviskills?

AviSkills is a unique collaboration which facilitates and supports training in aviation engineering. We want to help people to achieve goals in their working life by setting them on the path towards employment or giving them skills so that they can move along a career path or take up different employment challenges. We help people and industry learn. Our focus is on customer service, keeping in mind that lifelong learning is one of the keys to personal growth. Our staff are all skilled professionals who have excellent technical skills and who have been given extensive training in modern learning and assessment techniques. Why train to enter the aviation workforce? Why train with AviSkills? Find out more about here.

AviSkills Facilities

With an airside multimillion dollar training facility, AviSkills has large practical workspaces with seven (7) aircraft and other aircraft components. The Facility was established in Tamworth, northern NSW, in 2001 in response to the national and international forecast shortages of skilled, qualified aircraft maintenance engineering workers.

Located at Tamworth Airport, NSW, Australia |